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And the final cookie count is.... Oh! And Happy National Homemade Cookie Day!

First of all I want to start off this post with wishing everyone a very Happy National Homemade Cookie Day! I may be a bit biased, but I think this might be the greatest non-holiday day in the year. To celebrate, I'm sharing a link to an awesome article celebrating today with 11 absolutely delicious, mouth-watering cookie sandwiches. Because, I mean, honestly, who does not love a cookie sandwich. You can see the ideas here. And for 5 recipes to try on National Homemade Cookie Day, visit here.

Secondly, I'm still recooperating from an amazing cookie week last week. Whenever I get a pretty big corporate order, we like to play the game "Cookie Count" where we add up the total number of cookies I baked that week. This is certainly not my highest number, but it's still up there. I baked approximately [have to account for extras!] last week, are you ready..... dut-dah duh-dah! 450 cookies!! Needless to say, I was pleaseed with how they came out and hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed them. My report back from Christian Dior & Bloomies was they were a big hit. So, I call that a sucess!

The last 100 batch of cookies almost packed up and ready to go to

Christian Dior at Bloomingdale's

Already to go!

And finally, the actual cookies.

Don't you just love the Dior ribbon?!

Next up were some cookies for an adorable hot air balloon themed baptism. The colors were two shades of blue to match the adorable shades of blue of the balloon on the invitations. They were so cute! We added a simple white cross to tie in the entire christening.

Then we were thrilled to celebrate a very cute little boutique, DiLaRue, by providing logo cookies for their special anniversary party this past Saturday. You check them online and on Facebook here. Instead of the plain old royal icing border, I decided a special occassion and milestone deserved some pizazz, and so we used a purple sugar border to add a little bit of flair and sparkle!

And last, but not least, are some Air Force cookies for a very sweet and wonderful client. She wanted to have a little treat for her nephew's going-away celebration on Sunday. We admire his courage to join the Armed Forces, and wish him the best of luck!!

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