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Happy Halloween! (Finally!)

Ok, ok, so I know I am a few days late on this post, but if you knew how busy I've been, you would be amazed this is even up lol. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. It marks the start of the Holiday Season, our street is awesome with decorations, kids get all dressed up in their adorable little costumes, they parade up and down the street all while receiving candy with the biggest smiles on their little faces. Plus, this year, I got to dress my son up again! (more about that later!) BUT, this also marks the time of year I bake 300 cookies for Dior!

Last year, we did these really cool "Pumpfetti" cookies

(BTW and FTR, credit goes to Miss Chelsea for dubbing the name).

Not only were they a huge hit, they were literally HUGE.

Pumpfetti Cookies

Open them up and there were mini m&ms inside for a fun little Halloween surprise!

Pumpfetti Cookies

Fast forward a year, and I was lucky enough to get hired to do their Halloween cookies AGAIN! We decided to keep things a little more simple, but just as cool and Halloween-y (yes, that's a word). What's more Halloween-y than tarot cards? Lots of things, but regardless, they were Halloween themed and SUPER interesting. Needless to say, they were well received and everyone loved them as well.

Halloween Tarot Card Cookies

And Dior's lovely Office Manager, Glori, hand-delivering the goodies to everyone!

Photo Oct 31, 11 00 18 AM_edited.jpg

And finally, as promised, here are a couple shots of my little guy on Halloween. He went as Otto the Orange, the mascot for Syracuse University (Go 'Cuse!!) He's a little shy of Two, but he got the hang of the whole Trick-or-Treat thing pretty quick. He had a blast!! Hope everyone else had a Jolly Halloween! -MJ

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